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In 5th grade I had to memorize the Gettysburg Address and boy was it painful. I would be in my closet reading it on an 8” x 11” sheet of paper which I crumbled up many times during my studies out of frustration. But when I came out of the closet (umm, literally, not figuratively – you know what I mean!) I discovered what a great speech it was. To compliment a great speech Ontario Mall Antiques will be having a great sale.

This sale is for THREE days:

SAT, SUN, MON -- FEB 14, 15, 16

10am to 6pm

20% OFF – items over $10

- Plus -

Draw the BALL for 5% - 20% more!

We will have your favorite deal: THE BALL

You get 20% off items over $10 and 50% off redlined items.

When your invoice is complete, you draw THE BALL for an ADDITIONAL discount on everything -- anywhere from 5% to 20% more! This is a presidential oath I swear by!

Not only will the items 20% off and redlined get additional discounts, so will your items $10 or less.

You gamble and you cannot lose. It is a matter of how much you win. You will get great deals and have fun too. I pledge allegiance to quality merchandise at fair prices.

I want YOU to join our 3 day President’s Sale event.

The Gucheburg Address:
One score and almost two years ago my father brought forth to this continent, a new antique mall, conceived in high quality and great value, and dedicated to customer satisfaction of which not all antique malls are created equal.

Now we are engaged in a great storewide sale, testing the customer, the dealer, the staff whether they can endure 3 days of the BALL. The BALL is dedicated to the aforementioned – it is fitting and proper that we should do this.

The brave customers, living and dead, who struggled here, arriving minutes after store opening only to find a sold sticker on that item they dreamt about the night before; or waiting in line as what seemed like forever as every other customer had the same idea at that same time, whom this BALL is dedicated to. The brave dealers, living and dead, who struggled here, finding the right item at the right price, whom this BALL is dedicated to. The brave staff, living and dead, who struggled here, avoiding being trampled to death as the doors opened at 10am, whom this BALL is dedicated to. Ontario Mall Antiques today, like it did from its inception, is highly resolved in satisfying these customers with high quality and great value merchandise from its dealers and dedicated service from its staff so that these shoppers have not shopped in vain.

Escape the typical retail store and get higher quality and greater value by finding something unique, vintage and real at the largest antique malls in New York State with over 1,000 dealers at Ontario Mall Antiques and Salamanca Mall Antiques.

*cannot be combined with any other coupon or sale

*CASES AVAILABLE FOR RENT: $53 per month, 6 month lease, no commissions. A great, low cost opportunity to sell your merchandise. Call 585-398-3030 for more information

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OMA SignOntario Mall Antiques has grown steadily over the years. We started with 12 dealers in our first month, and now we have nearly 1000 antique and collectibles dealers. Ontario Mall Antiques is now the largest antique mall in New York State.

Our dealers are some of the best in the northeast. They specialize in everything under the sun. We carry antiques and collectibles in every shape and form, from furniture, jewelry, movie memorabilia, kitchen items, clothing, toys, glassware, coins, stamps, and more. From all over the world - Germany, Japan, and right here in the good old United States. Items from the 1800's to the turn of the century to the 60's. Buyers come here because our inventory stays fresh and prices are right.

Our staff is another strong suit at our mall. They are engaging, helpful, and customer oriented. And, you always can count on many dealers being available while they are restocking. They are quite willing to share their knowledge about any item in our inventory. Our combination of staff and dealers make for a very enticing ingredient to the mix of antiques and collectibles.

Ontario Mall Antiques is located in Farmington, NY-- between Rochester, NY and the Finger Lakes which are famous for wineries and scenic beauty. We have an easy access off Exit 44 of the NYS Thruway. Drive 3 miles and turn into our huge parking lot. Check our map for other routes.

We are open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. However, we do close for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Check our website regularly for our very popular sales and special events. Or register your email now and receive notices from us.



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